Norlock PVC Panels & Planking

Norlock PVC Interlocking Panels & Planking is one of our main product lines.

Norlock PVC PanelsWe strive to continually be at the leading edge of the plastic extrusion industry. We are always updating our technology and looking for new ways to serve the industry better. This custom profile was designed and developed originally in Germany.
The profiles are primarily used in livestock facilities for both interior walls, and calf pen partitions. Low-maintenance, hygienic and abuse-resistant, Nocklock PVC Panels are also an ideal product for meat processing plants, car washes, dog kennels and more. 

Our profile offers easy cleaning, and superior durability. When standing a wall no wood is needed, and our profile is durable to withstand extra weight and abuse.  Norlock PVC Interlocking Panels are designed to exceed your most demanding expectations.

norlock pvc panels

Norlock PVC Panel Installations Gallery

Product Benefits:

  • Bright white to lighten your rooms
  • Tight fitting tongue and groove
  • hang heavy items off of it
  • One piece creep
  • Do not need wood inside to add strength
  • Cut your doors right out of the wall
  • No waste
  • Comes in two widths
  • Great for car washes
  • Does not hold bacteria
  • Product of Canada
  • High impact testing
  • Great for car washes and livestock buildings


Brochure: English / Spanish
CFIA Approval: English
Fire Rating: English

2" x 8" Norlock PVC Plank20" x 7/8"30" x 1-1/2"


39.4" x 1-3/8"